Book Review, Illustrated Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction

Stuntboy: In the Meantime by Jason Reynolds & Raul the Third

Portico Reeves is the greatest superhero you’ve never heard of! His secret power – making sure all the other heroes in his life stay super and safe. No matter what, he has to protect his secret identity so no one discovers he is Stuntboy.

This empathy-building illustrated novel is perfect for readers age 8+. The engaging style and idea of a kid trying to look after those he cares about is something to which all children can all relate. Dealing with themes of bullying and anxiety, it shows children that anyone can be super and friends are there to help us overcome our difficulties.

I’m hoping this is the first in a new series of illustrated novels. Children would love following Stuntboy through all of sorts of adventures.

Thank you to Knights Of for this fun and exciting middle grade adventure!

Publishing: 4th November 2021

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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