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I Saw a Beautiful Woodpecker: The Diary of a Young Boy at the Outbreak of World War II by Michal Skibinski & illustrated by Ala Bankroft

Beautiful paintings and the simple sentences of a child combine to create a unique perspective on the outbreak of the Second World War in Poland. Asked to keep a journal by his teacher, eight-year-old Michael reflects on the highlights of his days. Walks in the woods, a ride in a car, planes overhead, the start of the war… Suddenly, life changes. Michal’s journal becomes full of bombs, German invaders and Warsaw trying to defend itself. There is so much in each single sentence.

The rich, powerful illustrations by Ala Bankroft add so much to the words. Children will love exploring every double-page spread. It would be wonderful to emulate this book with children writing in role and creating their own paintings from different points of view.

Thank you to Catherine Ward & Prestel for this gorgeous book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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