Book Review, Chapter Book (7-9)

Clara Claus Saves Christmas by Bonnie Bridgman & Louise Forshaw

Break out the candy canes and sugar cookies! Christmas spirit runs through every line of Clara Claus Saves Christmas by Bonnie Bridgman & illustrated by Louise Forshaw. As the nights are drawing in, it’s just about time to start enjoying some wonderful Christmassy stories!

Clara Claus is the daughter of the one and only – Santa. It’s just seven days before Christmas and a crisis has hit the North Pole. First the reindeer and then Santa & Mrs Claus fall ill with a virus. Quarantined until Christmas Day, it’s up to Clara and her brother Nick to make all the preparations for the big day before the Joy-o-Meter goes down to zero. They need to encourage the elves, train the reindeer and check the naughty or nice list – twice!

Nick loves to take control and is on the case but Clara knows that they can’t be too quick to judge who should be excluded from the nice list. They need to look for the good in everyone and give all children a chance to show they are good.

With family, friendship, teamwork and a little bit of magic, will this duo complete their Christmas rescue mission in time?

This book will be a wonderful addition to our Christmas book box this year! The story is so much fun and the activities at the end of the book will be enjoyed during the festive season.

I think my favourite part of this story is the eighteen reindeer and all of their individual personalities. Who knew Dancer doesn’t actually like to dance but loves reindeer-nog in the morning or that Nova is so good at directions? I can just imagine this story made into a television special to be enjoyed again and again.

Thank you to Tiny Tree Children’s Books for this festive treat!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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