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I’m Sticking with You Too by Smriti Halls & Steve Small

Bear and Squirrel are back in this musical story of friendship and acceptance.

The two fun, furry friends have a good thing going – they love making music together and everything’s great. When Chicken comes along and wants to join their gang, they decide three is a crowd and there’s simply no room for another member in their band. Unwelcoming and just plain unkind, Bear and Squirrel eventually push Chicken away.

He sets out to find a place where he belongs. In the dark forest, a little chicken on his own isn’t safe and soon runs into trouble. When Bear and Squirrel spot Chicken under threat, they leap in to help. Maybe there’s room for three after all.

Harmony wins in the end as Bear and Squirrel learn an important lesson about friendship. This is a story with characters children will remember. The gorgeous illustrations are full of personality and so engaging. Readers are sure to come back to them again and again.

This is the second book following this delightful duo.  

“Through stunning illustrations and rhyming text, I’m Sticking With You explains the complexities of relationships and how sometimes even the best of friends can be a bit overbearing!” Simon & Schuster Children’s.

Click on the covers below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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