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Nonook & the Melting Arctic by Ryan Mizzen & Paul Winward

Nanook the polar bear makes it clear that the world is in trouble. The arctic ice is melting, animals are suffering and the world is changing irreversibly. The people who can help are those who are casing the problems in the first place – world leaders and those they lead. People must realise the whole world is connected, start to care for the Earth and take responsibility for what they are doing to help.

Nanook is a bear on a mission. He is cheerful, well-read and inspired by people who are fighting the Earth’s cause. He wants nothing more than to save his home and help his animal friends. When presidents and business people descend on the north, he takes it upon himself to educate them and make a difference.

Nanook and the Melting Arctic will inspire so much discussion. From the portraits of Greta Thunberg and James Hansen on Nanook’s igloo wall to his signs made from plastic pollution to his heart-felt pleas for people to change their ways, children will see just how important it is that we work together to protect the Earth.

About the Author:

Ryan is a children’s picture book Author and Freelance Writer. His new book in the Time to Care series is Nanook and the Melting Arctic, which is available to purchase from Amazon now!
He holds a First Class BSc in Climate Change (Hons) from Coventry University and a Distinction in an MA in Creative Writing (via Distance Learning) from Teesside University. He has also completed online writing courses with Oxford University, Harvard University and the University of East Anglia.
In 2018, Ryan was named as an Environmental Changemaker, following on from the UN Young Champions of the Earth competition. Prior to which, he worked in the energy efficiency and offshore wind industries.
His articles have been published by The Independent, The Bookseller, Africa Geographic, Thomson Reuters Foundation, The South African, Kiteworld Magazine, Climate Stories Hub and many others. He’s been interviewed by The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Dragonfly Ecofiction amongst others.
“A person of great influence.” – Thrive Global
“Avid climate change blogger.” – Thomson Reuters Foundation

About the Illustrator:

Paul has over 30 years’ experience working in advertising and in a freelance capacity. He is an illustrator with extensive experience designing books, e-books, logos and illustrations for websites. Some of his other illustrated books include The Three Detectives, Kob the Antelope, Snowflake’s Adventure on Mount Lifelong, The Journey to River Rose, and 1,2, Think!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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