Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

WishYouWas: The Tiny Guardian of Lost Letters by Alexandra Page

WishYouWas: The Tiny Guardian of Lost Letters is a charming fantasy for younger middle grade readers. Reminiscent of The Borrowers with a lovely Royal Mail twist, it is captivating from beginning to end.

It’s December 1952 and a thick smog has settled over Britain. Penny Black’s mum, an airmail pilot, is stuck in France, unable to fly home. Penny is left helping her busy post master uncle, trying not to get underfoot.

One night, Penny is sure she spots a rat in the post room. Looking closer, she discovers something different – a strange little creature caught in a trap. Filled with compassion, Penny frees the creature and becomes wrapped up in an incredible adventure. WishYouWas is a Sorter, Second Class – part of an underground team of cute, talking creatures who find lost letters and make sure they are delivered.

Penny learns the Sorters are in danger. Rat catcher Stanley Scrawl and his greyhound, Ripper, are determined to capture them and destroy their tiny world. Penny finds she is soon lost in the post as she tries to help them.

WishYouWas is such a sweet little creature. Loving, loyal and always trying to do the right thing, he quickly becomes the star of the story. All the other Sorters have their own charm and fantastic names: Felicitations, HandleWithCare, WithLove and so many others. They have great respect for the Royal Postmistress, the Queen, and for the entire mail system. This is a unique story that is sure to become a classic.

Thank you to Bloomsbury for this gorgeous story!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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