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September Picture Books from Little Tiger

Home: Where our Story Begins by Patricia Hegarty & Britta Teckentrup

Britta Teckentrup has to be one of my favourite picture book illustrators. She depicts nature in such a soft, gentle manner that really brings the animals to life in their habitats. The creatures are absolutely adorable yet still natural rather than artificial and animated. Home: Where our Story Begins is no exception. Each page is full of warm earthy tones and a huge range of beautiful animals. The intriguing cut-out style keeps readers looking ahead, keen to turn the page to find out what is coming next.

Patricia Hegarty’s lovely rhymes weave the non-fiction information into a charming story of animal homes in the forest. Starting and ending with bears in their dens, readers journey through the year. The roles of different types of animal homes to keep creatures safe, to help them find and store food, and to raise their young is explained in clear language.

This is a gorgeous book that would be perfect as a gift, for home or for the classroom. It is sure to be requested again and again.

Someday by Stephanie Stansbie & Frances Ives

Someday is the beautiful story of a little bear who wants to be grown-up just like its lovely mummy. She gently reassures it that for now, it’s small like a sapling but someday it will be a tree. Someday…

Someday the little bear will be big and strong, able to do so many things, all because of the time they’ve spent together. There’s so much learning, growing and memory making to do before then.

This story emphasises the importance of appreciating each day and all the special times with loved ones. Someday will come eventually but for now, let’s enjoy our time together. The relationship between the mother bear and her cub is so warm and encouraging, making this a wonderful book for a parent to share with their children. Frances Ives’ illustrations are lovely – all the animals full of care and fun while the love between the two bears radiates on every page. Beautiful landscapes depict the undisturbed natural world and the freedom of the animals perfectly.

The Wind May Blow by Sasha Quinton & Thomas Hegbrook

Cleverly written, The Wind May Blow tells the story of the ups and downs of life using cut-outs to reuse words from previous pages to carry the reader forward.

Each day, we face challenges but even when things are difficult, we can make it through. The next day, we may have changed, grown, learned, but we are still brilliant, bright and beautiful.

The Wind May Blow is full of encouragement, helping young readers to understand they are not alone in finding things tricky. The wild wind, crashing waves or frightening storms happen to everyone but we are all are strong enough, smart enough and have all we need to make it through.

This would be a perfect book for EYFS and KS1 PSHE lessons. There is so much to unpick with children over multiple readings. Children are sure to identify with the little character and this book will help them to share when they have struggled as well as support others who have faced difficulties.    

Thank you to Little Tiger for these beautiful books!

Click on the covers below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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