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Scaredy Bat by Jonathan Meres & Anders Frang ~ Blog Tour

When my children were little, there were certain bedtime stories they would ask for again and again. If Scaredy Bat had been around ten years ago, it definitely would have been one of them. This charming story has everything a little audience wants: loveable characters, a feeling of injustice, a brave little hero and a hugely satisfying ending.

It’s a new day and most of the Dark Dark Wood is waking up – everyone except the three bats. Big Bat and Middle Bat are trying to go to sleep but not Little Bat. Wide awake and fed up of the others teasing about being afraid of the daylight, Little Bat ventures out to prove there’s nothing to be scared of.

Pleasantly surprised, Little Bat finds the wood is a wonderful place to be in the daytime – not scary at all – until The Bogey Bat appears! Maybe there are things that go “bump in the day” after all!

The language of this sweet book is so much fun. Little Bat fizzed and whizzed, zoomed and varoomed, swooped and whooped and loop-the-looped. Children will adore listening to this story, joining in with the fantastic language, and having a go themselves.

There is so much scope for discussion and opportunities to explore PSHE themes. Everyone has fears but it’s how we cope with them that matters. Little Bat is a fantastic role model for how to deal with those who tease, how to be brave, and how to face the unknown.

Anders Frang’s illustrations are absolutely brilliant. Little Bat is such a cute little character. Young readers will love its large curious eyes, soft furry body and one little fang. Little Bat is a friend to fly alongside children through the scary moments in life.

Thank you to Little Door Books for this gorgeous book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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