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Little Gordon Grape by Arnold Dixon ~ Blog Tour

All the grapes in the vineyard are so excited about the harvest and what the future holds for them. But when Gordon is picked, things go terribly wrong. He falls and is left behind in the dirt while the rest of his friends and family are carried away to fulfil what he believes is their destiny.

What Gordon doesn’t realise is that God has much greater plans for him. It isn’t what he had in mind for himself but will help him to be even more fruitful. Gordan learns that he can trust in God even when he can’t see a way through himself.

This is a story of God’s provision during all of life’s ups and downs – something children can relate to now more than ever. The past 16 months has seen young children faced with challenges they could never have imagined. Arnold Dixon wants children to understand that even when things seem tough, there is always someone watching over them who sees everything they are going through, understands their joys and sorrows, and only wants the best for them. Dixon’s message to his young readers is that they have been chosen by God and he will help them to produce the most wonderful fruit (successes and blessings) in their lives.

The illustrations depict such a cheerful, enthusiastic character who is full of hope and a desire to be all he can be for God.

This is a super story for Sunday schools and to share at home. It would also be a lovely story for an infant school assembly with a Christian message.

Thank you to Lit PR for this lovely book.

About the Author

Arnold Dixon was born in 1962 to West Indian parents who came to England in the late 1950s. It was whilst attending a Church Youth Club that Arnold met a Christian Youth Worker who helped him with his many questions about life. A number of months later he gave his life to Jesus and became a Christian.

Some 15 years later he attended Queens Theological College and obtained his degree, and met the lady who would become his wife before his first posting as a Methodist Minister in Salfold looking after four Churches. Arnold then lived and worked in Wallasey on the Wirral looking after two Churches for eight years.

He is now Methodist Minister in Long Eaton Nottingham and Breaston in Derbyshire looking after three Churches. He first wrote Little Gordon Grape 20 years ago whilst doing Youth work for the Church. He believes now is the right time to bring his character to life so that it can speak to a generation of children who need hope purpose and love and, as  Ella Fitzgerald sang, “Someone to watch over me.”

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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