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Listified: Britannica’s 300 lists that will blow your mind ~ Blog Tour

I’m so excited to welcome Listified author, Andrew Pettie, to Scope for Imagination with a special guest post:

I’ve already received some very positive feedback about Listified! from teachers, librarians and other educators – including my daughter May’s teacher who was kind enough to say that Listified! should be included on the national curriculum! So with all those list-loving teachers in mind, here are four top tips on how to get the most out of Listified! in the classroom:

1. Wow your students with mind-blowing facts!

There are literally thousands to choose from. Did you know that it takes 170,000 years for energy to travel from the Sun’s inner core to its surface? Or that the Great Barrier Reef is roughly the size of Germany? Or that there is six times more water in the atmosphere as clouds than there is in all the rivers of the world combined? Or that a Tyrannosaurus rex could swallow 15,000 hamburgers in a single bite? Or that there are no muscles in your fingers? Or that the Statue of Liberty is wearing size 877 shoes? I could go on…

2. Introduce complex topics in a fun and accessible way!

All the lists in Listified! are clearly written and easy to understand. But some of them also tackle more complex subjects that children always find intriguing. Some examples of these include a list of 7 things that would probably happen if a satellite fell into a black hole; a list of the 5 things scientists would need to do to clone a T.rex; a 17-step guide to making your own Egyptian mummy; and a list of 20 clever things that robots and artificial intelligence can already do. There really is a list for every lesson. 

3. Arm yourself with world-beating fart and poo facts!

Everyone finds farts funny. Children are just more gleefully honest about it. So Listified! is proud to present several lists featuring astounding fart and poo facts. These include a list of 10 sounds the body makes and why they happen; a list of three animals that don’t poo; a list of five animals that poo in extraordinary ways; and a list of the only mammal that cannot fart at all. Oh go on then: it’s the sloth.

4. Use Listified! as a handy draft excluder!

With its shiny silver hardback cover and 416 pages filled with 300 lists, 460 footnotes, more than 100 wonderful (and hilarious) illustrations by Andrés Lozano, Listified! is an absolute brick of fascinating facts. So if you need a new doorstop or draft excluder in your classroom, I can guarantee it will not let you down. Enjoy the lists!

LISTIFIED! Britannica’s 300 lists that will blow your mind by Andrew Pettie, illustrated by Andrés Lozano out now in hardback (£18.99, Britannica Books) 

A List for Listified by the Heap Family

In honour of the publication of Listified, my own children (ages 11, 11 & 13) have created a list of their reasons why everyone should read this brilliant book.

1. This is the sort of book that would be really good in a class library. Lots of people would want to read it. They could dip in and out, reading little snippets when they have time.

2. It’s full of so many interesting facts. We like the page about unusual things that have been used as money.

3. There is serious stuff as well as funny stuff – like Grumpy Cat!

4. A lot of the facts are linked to things you learn in school so teachers would like it too.

5. There is a real variety of facts – from things as huge as space to things as tiny as microbes.

6. There are amazing illustrations and photographs.

7. One of our favourite pages is the list of unusual rules from around the world (page 260).

8. We were also really interested in the “King or Queen for the Day – the shortest-reigning monarchs” (page 350)

9. The best page is “Be Prepared – thirty-three tools in a Swiss Army Knife”

10. Lots of the facts are things that make you go “Wow!”

Andrew Pettie is a writer, editor and journalist who has contributed to The Times, The Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph, where he was Head of Culture. Andrew has also been a contributory writer for reference works by Encyclopaedia Britannica and What on Earth Books. He studied at St. Peter’s College, Oxford University. Follow Andrew on twitter @andrewpettie

Andres Lozano is a Madrid-born and London-based artist. He divides his time between illustration and painting. As an illustrator, he has worked for a wide range of international clients including the New York Times, Google, Virgin Atlantic and McSweeney’s. His work has been shown in exhibitions in Beirut, Los Angeles, New York, London, Madrid and Brisbane. He has also co-authored several picture books originally published in the UK and US and now translated into more than 10 languages. Follow Andres on Instagram @andreslozanom

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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