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Sarah the Spectacular Squirrel by Rory Ffoulkes & Irene Silvino

Sarah the Spectacular Squirrel has a dazzling talent for collecting nuts. But… Sarah’s a bit of a show-off. And she’s greedy. And she doesn’t like to share. So, who can stop Sarah from taking all the nuts in the forest and leaving the other woodland creatures hungry?!

Sarah the Spectacular Squirrel is an absolutely gorgeous picture book from Rory Ffoulkes & Irene Silvino.

Sarah is confident and proud – using all sorts of brilliant vocabulary to describe herself. She is incredible, spectacular, amazing and awesome – quite simply the best animal in the forest. Unfortunately, she is also a selfish little creature and refuses to help others in need.

But pride literally comes before a fall. When Sarah is injured, suddenly she can’t look after herself and has no food for the winter. Now what? Sarah learns some very important lessons about community, thinking of others and being generous.

This is a wonderful story about caring and sharing. Through Irene Silvino’s charming woodland creatures, young readers see just how important it is to look after others instead of only thinking about ourselves. I absolutely love the owl ambulance, the personalised details on all the different creatures and the facial expressions that bring them to life.

Sarah the Spectacular Squirrel is a fantastic story for EYFS and KS1 PSHE lessons. Meaningful and so engaging, children will love to chat about the behaviour of the animals and how they might act in a similar situation.

Thank you to Rory Ffoulkes who has donated this lovely book for a brilliant giveaway!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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