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Interview with a Shark and Other Ocean Giants Too by Andy Seed & Nick East ~ Blog Tour

Get familiar with 10 extraordinary ocean giants as they step up to the mic and share their habits, behaviours, likes and dislikes, favourite foods, and more.

In this fun and fact-filled book, bite sized text in a question-and-answer format is paired with colourful and engaging illustrations throughout. Features ‘interviews’ with a great white shark, blue whale, orca, sunfish, giant squid, narwhal, manta ray, octopus, conger eel, and angler fish. Plus, ideas for how to do your bit to help endangered species and their habitats.

Perfect for emerging or reluctant readers, or any young animal enthusiast who enjoys a bit of humour.

I’m thrilled to welcome Andy Seed to Scope for Imagination with a brilliant guest post!

The animals speak! By Andy Seed

If you could talk to animals, what would you ask them? It’s a fascinating question and one that I have been lucky enough to explore through my wonderful picture book/factual series created with fab illustrator Nick East. In the first title I interviewed a tiger and nine other beasts with claws, and for the newest book it’s all about ocean giants like sharks, whales and giant squid!

I wanted to know what wild animals think about us human beings. But I also wanted to know what the world of each creature was like – how hard is it to find food? (I remember the wolf reminding me that there are no shops for wolves!). What do you like about the place you live? Who are your rivals? And just what are those dangly things for?

Once I started, I soon realised that are so many great questions to ask and so much to know! The sea creatures in Interview with a Shark and other Ocean Giants Too told me all about their lives: how they avoid nasty predators, what their favourite snacks are, and why their teeth and tentacles are so huge. They shared their loves, their fears, their dreams and more – what an insight!

So, there are lots of facts in this book but also plenty of entertainment. After all, animals (like people) come in all flavours, and every creature I interviewed had a distinct character. Some were nervous, some cheeky, some grumpy and some funny. You may be surprised at which was which!

Then there was the whole subject of pollution – we discussed plastic, fishing nets, destruction of habitats and other issues which have led to some of these beautiful animals to become endangered. I had to say sorry a lot of times! In the end, I felt so guilty about what human beings have done to the oceans that I put a ‘How you can help’ section in the back of the book, explaining to children what they can do to help protect sea creatures like whales, dolphins and eels.

But how did I do it? How on earth did I manage to chat to an octopus, natter with a narwhal and sweettalk a sunfish? Well, it wasn’t easy… I had a big stroke of luck and, well, it’s all explained in the book – in the introduction. I promise that if you read it, you’ll be amazed – you may even find it unbelievable!

Interview with a Shark & Other Ocean Giants Too by Andy Seed, illustrated by Nick East (£9.99, Welbeck Children’s) is available now.

About the author: Andy Seed is a Blue Peter Book Award-winning author. Formerly a primary school teacher, he has written a number of popular series for children and adults, including humorous titles for the RSPB, National Trust and British Museum. Follow Andy on twitter @andyseedauthor or via his website

About the illustrator: Nick East enjoys illustrating children’s books and has recently written and illustrated his own young fiction series, titled Agent Weasel. Having collaborated with Tim Peake and Dermot O’Leary, Nick has become hugely successful and has been shortlisted for several prestigious awards. Follow Nick on Instagram @nick.eastu and Twitter @EastyNick.

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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