Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Between Sea and Sky by Nicola Penfold

Between Sea and Sky is a powerful story that encourages readers to question what we value and how our actions now will impact the future.

Set in a post-climate change society, life is hard. People have lived through the Greedy Years, the Decline, the Floods and the Hungry Years. Nothing is the same as it once was. Government controls are strong and restrictions dictate every part of life. Nat, Pearl and Clover live in two very different parts of this ecological dark age: Nat is a landlubber while Pearl and Clover live on an oyster farm in the bay.

Everything changes for them all when their families are brought together. Nat must learn the ways of the sea as the girls scrutinise his strange ways. Each of them has their own fears and things they have lost. They need answers, healing and friendship.

Tiny signs of recovery bring hope – the value of migrants, the pricelessness of pollinators, the healing power of the sea. Change is possible but it takes a child to see it.

Thank you to Little Tiger for this important book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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