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When the Sky Falls by Phil Earle

When the Sky Falls is a powerful story full of truth: truth about humans, animals and how we’re not really all that different after all.

Set in London in 1941, we meet Joseph – kind of a reverse evacuee, sent to live with Mrs F when his father is killed and he has no where else to go. Mrs F owns a run-down zoo and is responsible for the animals who remain. Most importantly, she is responsible for what happens to Adonis, a magnificent silverback gorilla, when the sky falls. If a bomb hits the zoo and the walls of his enclosure are destroyed, Adonis becomes a threat to everyone he comes across. If that happens, her only option is almost unthinkable.

Joseph is trapped in a cage of his own – a cage of anger, frustration and loss. Misunderstood and alone, struggles at school and the relentless attacks of a bully only compound his problems and make life unbearable. As Joseph fights against forming any kind of relationship with Mrs F and with Adonis, he starts to realise just how much he’s lost but also what he’s found.

When the Sky Falls is an inspiring story for anyone who has ever found life hard. There is a little bit of Joseph inside us all. As the truth of his life unfolds and he discovers hints of light, we are taken on his journey with him. We all have a choice – to live in fear of what might happen when the sky falls or live in the light of each day.

Thank you to Andersen Press for this beautiful, moving story!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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