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Just Being Ted by Lisa Sheehan

Just Being Ted is the charming story of an incredibly creative dragon who desperately wants some friends. When he tries to play with the other animals in the forest, no one wants to spend time with him. They just make assumptions about dragons and think he’s going to eat them. Ted is lonely and losing hope that he’ll ever find a friend.

One day he sees a sign: “Bear Picnic Party – Bears Only”. Ted decides this is his chance. He plans to dress up as a bear, sneak into the picnic and make some friends. He has a wonderful time until, suddenly, it all goes wrong and Ted feels so ashamed.

Young readers are sure to love this gorgeous dragon with his kind personality and extra cute exterior. They’ll empathise with him when he feels sad and long for him to realise that he doesn’t need to pretend to be someone he’s not to find a friend. Themes of acceptance, welcome and kindness fill every page. Children will learn how to develop positive friendships and be true to themselves, no matter what.

Thank you to Buster Books for this lovely book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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