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The Lion Bible for Children (2021 edition) Murray Watts & Helen Cann

Murray Watts & Helen Cann have come together to create this thoughtful, engaging Bible for children.

With a clear contents page, readers are able to easily locate well-known stories and see how everything fits together. Bright illustrations that spread across the pages are encouraging and full of warmth. We particularly like the expressive character illustrations. Their faces draw the reader in and help children to understand the emotions of the stories. Beautiful page borders line the edges giving this book a really special feel.

The text is pitched at age 7+ making it the perfect resource for Key Stage Two classrooms or for children to read at home. The vocabulary is accessible (apart from some of those tricky Biblical names!) and appropriate for children while the storytelling is interesting and true to the original meaning.

Looking through this lengthy book, my son and I have been struck by the mammoth challenge of writing a children’s Bible. Each individual story has been carefully crafted with all of the key themes and messages included. The strength of the Old Testament and the love of the New Testament is clear. There is consistency through the stories and the overall message sings through.

Thank you to Lion Hudson for this beautiful Bible.

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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