Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Wulfie: Beast in Show by Lindsay J Sedgwick & illustrated by Josephine Wolff

This little, purple wolf-like creature is sweet and kind. He lives with his best friend Libby who makes sure he doesn’t end up in too much trouble! The thing is, he isn’t an ordinary pet – he can grow, shrink, talk and freeze time.

When Aunt Ilda, Libby’s awful stepmum’s awful sister, arrives there are bound to be problems. She is desperate to go on tv and win the top dog show prize – and she thinks she needs Wulfie to help her do it.  Libby discovers her evil secrets and must undertake a daring rescue. Readers are left wondering who the real animal actually is in this exciting adventure.    

Thank you to Little Island Books for another super Wulfie adventure!

Find out more about Wulfie’s first book: Wulfie: Stage Fright

Wulfie: Stage FrighFind out more about Wulfie’s first adventure – Wulfie: Stage FrClick on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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