Book Review, Picture Books

The Boys by Lauren Ace & Jenny Lovlie

The Boys is a beautiful tribute to friendship and growing up. It has been created by Lauren Ace and Jenny Lovlie who also gave us the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize Winner, The Girls.

Four young boys are as close as brothers. The bonds of their friendship are strong enough to last a lifetime. Through the gorgeous illustrations, we see that the road of friendship isn’t always smooth but will lead to an incredible place if we are patient, accepting and kind.

The pages of this special picture book show the ups and downs of life. The challenges of growing up are clear as each boy follows his own path and deals with the competition and independence of the world. In the end, they learn to really appreciate each other and realise that weathering storms together is so much easier than going alone.

The final pages of the story remind me so much of my husband and his friends. Where there were once three young men, there are now three strong families creating a group of fifteen. Friendship has multiplied into something wonderful.

Thank you to Little Tiger for this lovely book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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