Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Twitch by M.G. Leonard

Non-fiction meets delightful narrative in this story bursting with fascinating facts about all sorts of birds and the intriguing world of birdwatching. M.G. Leonard has gone above and beyond with her knowledge of birds and passion for her hero to come out on top no matter how many challenges he faces. Twitch is a story of strength – digging deep and being true to yourself. Leadership, finding real friendship and standing up for what you believe in are central to this fantastic mystery!

12 year-old Twitch loves birds, especially his family of pigeons. He wants to be a true birder and be able to spend his summer holiday in his den in Aves Wood Nature Reserve watching for new species and training his smallest pigeons to carry messages. An escaped prisoner and a school bully get in the way and suddenly his quiet nature reserve is full of police and excitement, scaring off all the birds.

Life takes an unexpected turn when he meets an eccentric stranger and forms an unlikely friendship.  Suddenly, this quiet, nervous boy is faced with danger and a deadly crime. He finds that he is more than capable to make a difference.

I love the power of children in this book! The ending is hilarious and I could recognise so many of the characters in kids I’ve taught.  I was hooked on the story from beginning to end and was cheering for Twitch every step of the way!

Our summer project is definitely going to be collecting old teapots so we can make our own teapot tree!

Thank you to Walker Books and NetGalley for this inspiring book!

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