Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

How to be Brave by Daisy May Johnson

How to Be Brave is a funny and engaging book uniquely told through the power of footnotes. With a chatty style, the reader is pulled right into the story almost as an additional character. The narrator breaks the fourth wall by addressing the reader directly, drawing us into every questions, dilemma and decision.

Calla lives with her eccentric mother, Elizabeth. Times aren’t always easy but they have each other and are always ready for an adventure. Then, one day, everything changes. Elizabeth is offered her dream job studying rare ducks in South America. Unfortunately, Calla can’t go with her. She is going to be sent away to The School of Good Sisters – the same boarding school her mother attended as a girl. The nuns there will care for Calla and help her to learn everything she needs to know. New friends and new adventures await.

However, when Calla arrives at school, it isn’t as friendly and happy as she expected. There’s a new headteacher – someone from her mum’s past who is holding a grudge. Suddenly, there’s a mystery to solve. Will Calla be able to work with her new friends to find out the truth?

Thank you to Pushkin Press for this unique, fun book!

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