Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

True Adventures Series – Michelle Jabes Corpora, Kekla Magoon & Devika Rangachari

The True Adventures Series from Pushkin Press is a fresh approach to historical fiction. Inspired by previously untold, true stories, these middle grade novels take readers on gripping adventures revealing incredible heroes of history.

Find out about all the books in this series on the Pushkin Press website.

The Fog of War: Martha Gellhorn at the D-Day Landings by Michelle Jabes Corpora

The inspiring true story of Martha Gellhorn’s perilous, secret journey to become the only female journalist to cover the D-Day landings of 1944.

One of the world’s greatest war correspondents, she reported on conflicts all over the globe. When word of the invasion reached her magazine, she was determined to be there. Sneaking on-board a hospital ship, she was able to work as a nurse before going ashore with the soldiers. Her first-hand accounts give a perspective like none other proving that journalism is not just a man’s job.

Swordswoman! The Queen of the Jhansi in the Indian Uprising of 1857 by Devika Rangachari

 The Queen of the Jhansi was an unconventional woman. She could read, write, ride a horse and wield a sword. She refused to hand over control of her kingdom to anyone else. With her infant son on her back, she fought back against the East India Trading Company and became an icon of resistance in colonial-era India.

British authority in India ruled with power, money and an expectation that they could take whatever they wanted. This story was just the beginning of a movement that stood up to this take over and continued to move forward until Indian independence was achieved in 1947.

The Flag Never Touched the Ground: America’s Brave Black Regiment in Battle by Kekla Magoon

In 1863, the Union Army’s second all-black regiment in the American Civil War showed extraordinary courage in an assault on Fort Wagner. With all odds against them, they used their new-found freedom and rights to stand up for what they believed in and prove they were just as strong as any other soldier.

This story shows readers the realities of what these young, black soldiers went through in their fight for freedom, respect and the creation of a new normal – a normal where black soldiers are respected, valued and honoured.

Each book includes a timeline and details about key elements of the story including people, places and even animals. They are the perfect accompaniment to a history topic at school or as stand alone novels for children who love history and adventure.

Thank you to Pushkin Press for these unique books!

Click on the covers below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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