Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Swan Song by Gill Lewis

Empathetic author Gill Lewis has teamed up with Barrington Stoke to create a story where children who don’t fit in or who need something different are able to hear their own voice and feel valued for who they are.

Dylan is a Year 8 boy who is struggling at school. Lessons are hard, teachers don’t understand and he doesn’t seem to fit in. When he falls out with his best friend, it’s the last straw and he snaps. He finds himself expelled from school with nowhere else to turn.

Dylan’s mum loves him more than anything but is finding it so hard to understand his behaviour and support him with his mental health. Now that he’s at home full time, she needs to come up with a plan. Moving home to Wales seems like the best option but it means facing her own past.

Life with Grandad in Wales is like nothing Dylan has ever experienced before. It forces him to think about who he is and when he was last truly happy. The freedom and relationships he finds along with the power of nature and the swans who make their home nearby, turn his life around. Through helping others, he learns how to help himself and how to fly.

Barrington Stoke has worked its magic on this powerful story to combine an accessible, personal story with an accessible, personal style. Font, text size, spacing and page tint make this book dyslexia-friendly and very readable for children like Dylan. Barrington Stoke breaks down barriers to reading and learning which so many children need.

Thank you to Barrington Stoke for this important book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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