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Crater Lake: Evolution by Jennifer Killick

Bursting with next generation aliens, dangerous spores, a survival bunker and an evil teacher everyone wanted to forget, Crater Lake: Evolution is a gripping page-turner that demands to be read in one sitting! Jennifer Killick is a science fiction genius with a sequel that is even better than the original.

Lance and his friends will never forget their time at Crater Lake when their Year 6 residential went incredibly wrong. Now, months later, it’s Christmas and they have a new set of challenges – learning how to cope when friends drift apart and things in secondary school just aren’t the same as they were in primary. New friends threaten to replace old and life is moving on far too fast.

Their town is leading the way with technological advancements. Aiming to become the first “SMARTown”, trials of XGEN phone and data services and university labs are all anyone is talking about. Suddenly, a strange explosion and a leak in one of the labs means a live test subject has escaped and the town is in danger! Lance and his mum try to protect themselves but it might be too late.

Determined to find out what’s going on, Lance and his new friend, Karim, rally the old gang and try to make sense of the mysterious threat surrounding them. Will they be able to leave any hard feelings behind and work together to save their families and town or will they find themselves trapped by the creatures tracking their every move?

This is a story of friendship, teamwork and trust. Lance discovers there is room in his life for both old and new friends – friends who understand without needing an explanation, who accept him for who he really is, laugh with him and stick by him when it comes down to the crunch. There’s no room for one person to be the hero – they all save each other. Full of personality and pop references, children will definitely see themselves in these brilliant characters.

Readers of Crater Lake: Evolution need to be ready for anything! They will be taken on a hair-raising adventure that will send shivers down their spines and ensure they never eat soup again! This is a Christmas story like no other! No matter what – Don’t. Ever. Fall. Asleep.

Thank you to Firefly Press for this wonderfully creepy book!

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