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Hope Jones series by Josh Lacey & illustrated by Beatriz Castro

Hope Jones is an inspiring ten year old who knows what she believes in and is not afraid to share it. She wants to save the world. Like Anne Frank, Nelson Mandela, Emmeline Pankhurst and so many others who inspire her, she wants to make it clear that the world is a mess and the only way to fix it is for everyone to play their part.  With a charming and earnest voice, she gives clear explanations about the issues at hand and what children can actually do about them.

In her first book, Hope Jones Saves the World, Hope is launching a fight against plastic pollution.  As she begins to investigate just how much plastic is used on a daily basis, it becomes quite overwhelming. She realises that adults hold a lot of power and need to be convinced to make changes they can practically implement and realistically afford. Hope Jones summons all of her courage to start a peaceful protest and enters the world of social media and letter writing to share her message.

In her second book, Hope Jones Will Not Eat Meat, Hope is back – still determined to save the world. In this story, she is venturing into the world of vegetarianism. It isn’t as easy as it seems but with the support or her family and friends, she finds a way to not only change her own habits, but those of the people around her too. Once again, readers are provided with really practical strategies for reducing their own family’s meat consumption with compromises that will suit everyone.

These stories prove that children can make a difference. It reminds me of the Girl Guiding Take Action badges which encourage girls to identify issues that are important to them, plan to make a difference and then act. Hope Jones is inspirational and absolutely lives up to her name. She brings hope to the world and is a wonderful role model for other children who want to change their world too. With resilience, persistence and bags full of confidence, Hope Jones is leading the way for a better future.

Thank you to Josh Lacey and Andersen Press for these inspiring books!

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