Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Forest of Moon and Sword by Amy Raphael

It’s June 1647 in Scotland and strong, out-spoken women who spend their lives helping others are being arrested and tried as witches. We meet twelve-year-old Art who must hide and watch as her mother is carried away by soldiers. Will she be one of the women killed immediately or will she be taken to England to be tried by the heartless Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins?

The town where Art was born is no longer home, no longer safe. Worried that she might also be considered a witch, Art decides to run away and travel south to Essex on a quest to rescue her mother. Along the way, she meets new friends who understand her plight and risk everything to help her stop the evil man before the summer solstice and more women are murdered.

This is a story of strength, determination and bravery. It reveals the horror of a time when strong women who had done nothing but show compassion for others were feared and persecuted – a time when many people blindly accepted what they were told by those in power and feared speaking out in case they too were accused of witchcraft. Readers will be carried back through history to adventure with Art and experience these heart-stopping moments first hand. They will learn that being true to themselves is more important than conforming to expectations, no matter what the stakes.

Thank you to Orion Children’s Books for this powerful book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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