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Remarkable Rebels ~ A personalised book by Julia Gray & illustrated by Laura Borio

The Remarkable Rebels books from Wonderbly are incredibly personal and powerful for the reader. Each book is unique with a main character specially tailored to match the young reader and with inspiring role models chosen to match their personality and interests.

My daughter, Charlie, and I had a great time choosing the elements of her book. It didn’t take her long to narrow it down to three fantastic individuals who she already finds inspiring. She chose Harriet Tubman who she’s been studying at school, Malala Yousafzai because she’s been one of Charlie’s heroes for a few years now and Amelia Earhart who was so brave. When Charlie’s book arrived, we were so impressed with the quality and detail of the story. Charlie was actually the main character and able to meet these remarkable women through the pages. She sat down to read it right away and was lost in the story.

The story itself is engaging and full of important details. Nothing is glossed over and each significant person is developed with respect and credit for not only what they achieved but how they inspire others. The recurring theme of standing up for what is right and choosing to challenge expectations and stereotypes is reinforced on each page through the courage and determination of the individuals. A key object to represent each person gives the reader something concrete to help them remember the important elements of what they’ve achieved.

Remarkable Rebels challenges readers to not take their freedoms for granted and to continue on the path these role models have forged.

Twelve-year-old Charlie said,  “I like the stories of the role models. I want to be just like them. They are so inspirational and stood up for what they believe in. These strong, independent women challenged stereotypes and didn’t let anyone boss them around. The book includes inspiring stories that children can choose themselves. It also includes morals from each story such as determination, passion and courage. The book challenges stereotypes and rules and encourages young people to stand up for what they believe is right. Children can learn to follow the paths these role models made and to not take their freedoms and rights for granted; not everyone has had it that way. I really liked how I am the character in the story, meeting these women and learning from their lives.”

You can order your own personalised Remarkable Rebels book on the Wonderbly website.

Thank you to Fritha Lindqvist & Wonderbly for this very special book!

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