Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Extraordinary Travellers: The Little Museum by Karen Beddow & Lyndsay Macaulay

The Eiffel Tower has been stolen and it’s up to the League of Extraordinary Travellers to solve the case!

In the 1920’s, Athena Strong was an incredible scientist and inventor. Despite their brilliance, if her creations were to fall into the wrong hands, it would be disastrous! Now, years later, Lucy and Tom, together with their mum and dad, are in France to find out who is using their ancestor’s invention to shrink and steal important cultural landmarks.

Full of French language and culture, the Extraordinary Travellers series aims to educate as well as entertain. Children will pick up common phrases and become familiar with key locations as they travel with Lucy and Tom. Hilarious hijinks and carefully planted clues will lead readers through a fun mystery until they work out who is causing havoc in France. The story leaves readers wanting more and looking forward to the next instalment in Barcelona, Spain.

Thank you to Mini Travellers for this fun mystery!

Click here to purchase on-line.

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