Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Hungry Ghost by H.S. Norup

The Hungry Ghost is a powerful story of dealing with loss, holding on to memories, and new beginnings.  11-year-old Freja has moved to Singapore from Denmark to live with her father and his new family. Leaving her mother behind to heal from mental illness, Freja is forced into a new reality.  

Having arrived during the Hungry Ghost Festival, Freja finds herself surrounded by rituals and offerings. People leave gifts for their ghostly ancestors who roam the streets haunting those who have forgotten them. As Freja makes sense of her new surroundings, it seems that there might be something she’s forgotten too. 

One night, there is a strange girl in her garden. Freja decides to follow her and is led deep into the cemetery. In this beautiful, overgrown environment, Freja uncovers a mystery of the past that must be solved before the month is over. She must use all of her Scouting survival skills and keep her wits about her to make sense of the path ahead.

The description of Singapore is breath-taking. From the lush jungles to the grand skyscrapers and fascinating markets, readers are transported into another culture. All the sights, sounds and even tastes leap off the page and into readers’ imaginations.

This is a unique, gripping story about finding out who you are and making sense of your past in order to move forward into a happy future.  Freja’s resilience makes her capable and strong. She is a daring, intelligent heroine with a drive to find answers and help a friend in need.

Thank you to Pushkin Children’s Books for this incredible book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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