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The Pharaoh’s Curse by Holly Webb & illustrated by Sarah Lodge

The Pharaoh’s Curse is the second book in the Museum Kittens series by Holly Webb. In this charming story, four little kittens love living in the museum and want to protect the special treasures housed there. One day a new item arrives in the Egyptian Gallery – a piece of papyrus from the Book of the Dead. It contains ancient magic spells from the tomb of a pharaoh. The kittens wonder if its power has run out or has it spent years and years getting stronger? Is there a curse in the museum?

Meanwhile, a group of sneaky rats are desperate to get a hold of the papyrus and have a little nibble. With the help of Bastet, the cat goddess, the kittens do all they can to protect the treasure and stop the rats.  When the rats break a pipe and water starts to flood the gallery, can the kittens raise the alarm before it’s too late?

The Pharaoh’s Curse would make a lovely accompaniment for a cat lover who is studying the Ancient Egyptians at school. It combines fascinating facts with an engaging, exciting story.

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for this lovely book!

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