Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Across the Risen Sea by Bren MacDibble

Across the Risen Sea is a gripping climate change adventure painting a picture of what life might be like if we continue along the path of rising temperatures and melting polar ice caps. Oceans have risen, lands have flooded, life as we know it is gone. Communities have been forced to move to the hills, valleys are full of water and the clouds are green with bacteria as the Earth tries to clean itself.

Neoma and Jag are best friends living on one of the Ockery Islands of the inland sea. Their village strives to live with as little technology as possible – to live gentle lives that protect the Earth – and to always remember what it was that led them the situation they are in. Their community is built on kindness and valuing the Earth. They don’t want to fall into the trap of selflessness and greed that they see in the cities where the wealthy try to rebuild the life they once knew.

One day, strangers arrive in the village with unusual technology and little explanation. Neoma and Jag decide to investigate with dire consequences. What follows is a dangerous adventure across the sea with risks on all sides – sharks, pirates, daring rescues and foul play. Can Neoma overcome her fear and follow the stars to save her village and find out the truth about the mysterious strangers before it’s too late?

Across the Risen Sea gives readers a chance to reflect on what might happen if we continue to pollute the Earth. Published just as the world is trying to make its way out of lockdown due to COVID19, it is an opportune time to think about the forced pause to our everyday lives and the realignment of our priorities. Everything stopped for a few months and the Earth was allowed to breathe again. There were fewer cars on our roads, airplanes were grounded and waters became clearer. How will we start again? What will our “new normal” look like once regular life resumes? This story shares the importance of living low impact lives and protecting that which is most precious to us – the Earth, our families and our communities.

Thank you to Liz Scott PR and Old Barn Books for this fascinating book!

Bren MacDibble has written two other novels tackling environmental issues:

How to Bee (a world with no bees)

The Dog Runner (a world where the grasses have been killed off by a mysterious fungus)

Click on the covers below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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