Book Review, Early Reader

The Secret Kitten and Other Tales by Holly Webb

The Secret Kitten and Other Tales is a wonderful treasury of three of Holly Webb’s lovely stories of friendship, family and trust.

The Brave Kitten

The Secret Kitten

Sammy the Shy Kitten

Join Helena, Lucy and Emma as they learn how to care for kittens and form such special relationships with them. With actual information about caring for cats and details about The Cats Protection League, readers gain insight into what it’s like to have a cat of their own (and how to convince their parents to let them have one!)

With two fluffy, ginger cats in our family, my daughter, Lucy, really loved this book. Her favourite story was Sammy the Shy Kitten.

Here are her thoughts:

Sammy is the kitten of one of the cats that lives at the horse stables. Emma and her friends have been watching the cats as they go around the stables. Emma’s favourite cat had gone missing for a couple of days and when Emma found her, she found that she had had three kittens. The stable master was going to put the kittens up for adoption since she didn’t want the kittens to turn half-wild like all the other cats that lived at the stables. Emma really wanted to adopt one of them. She named the one she wanted Sammy and convinced her mum to adopt Sammy. This story gives information about how to tame a wild kitten and how to look after one.

This is a brilliant story for children in Years 2 -5. I know a lot of kids in my class would like it. It’s perfect for people who love ponies and other animals. It combines a horse story with super cute cats. It’s quite an easy read but is still really interesting and fun. I really recommend it and am going to share it with some friends when I get back to school.  

Thank you to Little Tiger for this fun book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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