Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Knight Sir Louis and the Dreadful Damsel by The Brothers McLeod

Knight Sir Louis and the Dreadful Damsel is a light-hearted romp through a silly save-the-day adventure. Sir Louis is the bravest knight in all the lands. He is modest and calm, even in the most bizarre situations. Living in the kingdom of Squirrel Helm with his trusty mechanical steed, Clunkalot, Sir Louis has a lot of problems to sort out.

It’s not long before news reaches the kingdom that an enormous damsel has stolen all of the gold, silver and chocolate coins. It’s up to Sir Louis, Clunkalot and his magical sword, Dave (who reminded us of an object character from Dora the Explorer), to find the crook and return the coins. Along the way, they meet all sorts of unusual characters, including a wise, magical boar.

This story is full of fun and embraces silliness.  Readers will love joining Sir Louis on his quest and giggling along with all of the crazy escapades. Throughout the adventure, they will come across a wide variety of non-fiction genres cleverly woven into the narrative. A newspaper article, interview transcript, recipe, royal proclamation and accident form are just some of the styles of writing children will encounter.

In the end, it becomes clear that we all have our strengths and weaknesses. We should help each other as much as we can and strive for good to win in the end. Young readers will be more than ready for a laugh-out-loud sequel with Knight Sir Louis and a two-headed dragon!

Thank you to Guppy Books for this fun book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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