Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Esme’s Gift by Elizabeth Foster

I’m so excited to be a part of the blog tour for Esme’s Gift by Elizabeth Foster, published by Odyssey Books. This middle grade / young adult fantasy adventure is the sequel to the heart-stopping story Esme’s Wish.

This is a story of time: the past and the present, time travel, time standing still, time moving too fast, not enough time, making up for lost time and, most importantly, not running out of time. 

15 year-old Esme Silver has just returned home from an incredible adventure in which she found and rescued her long-lost mother. However, her mum is still trapped in a trance and confined to bed in the magical world of Aeolia. Esme returns home to convince her father that her mother has not been lost at sea, as he believes, and needs their help. Unable to get through to him and free him from the deception of his new wife, Esme decides she must travel to Aeolia on her own and do all she can to help her mum.

Esme is not an ordinary teenager – she has a gift. She has the power to travel through the memories of water and witness the distant past. Fortunately, in Aeolia, everyone has a gift: some can walk on water, some can sing enchanting siren songs, some can shoot ice from their fingertips. Esme is welcomed with open arms and invited to join Pierpoint College where the young people are taught about their magical history and learn how to manage their emerging gifts. This extraordinary school is reminiscent of so many other magical fictional schools and will draw readers in. My own children are already so curious about what they’ll find within the walls of Pierpoint College!

As a part of her schooling, Esme is granted an apprenticeship with Augustine Agapios, an incredibly wise and powerful man. With his help, she unearths truths that could solve much more than just the mystery of her mother’s illness. Using her gift and with her friends’ help, Esme travels through time and space to incredibly dangerous and mystical places in an attempt to find the answer. Trust, resilience and teamwork are key as she battles against time that is quickly running out!

Esme’s Gift will charm and captivate readers. With detailed descriptions of amazing landscapes, magical creatures and spellbinding fantasy elements, each chapter takes Esme and her friends on a new journey. Dragons, oracles, spirits and incredible powers combine to create an enchanting world readers will be thrilled to get lost in.

Click on the covers below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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