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Wilde by Eloise Williams

Eloise Williams writes with magic and passion. Her latest book, Wilde, is the perfect combination of the everyday trials of Year 6 and a wonderfully mystical story.

Wilde is a young girl with a whole collection of troubles. When she arrives at her aunt’s house in the town of Witch Point in Wales, she knows it will be a challenge.  Not only is she different from the other children, but her mother has a history in the town which is difficult to ignore. It doesn’t take long before strange things start to happen: birds seem to follow Wilde wherever she goes, she worries that she has started sleep walking and a witch begins sending horrible letters to the children in Wilde’s Year 6 class.

The town of Witch Point has a history of witchcraft and witch trials. The well-known legend of A Witch Called Winter is regularly retold through stories and plays. Wilde soon discovers that there is more to the story than first meets the eye and the past has an unusual story to tell. She needs to uncover the truth about the class witch before people start accusing her.

This is a story of questions and wondering, of the strange and unexplainable, of understanding and being misunderstood. Wilde knows that being weird is often considered wrong and how it feels to be an outsider. As the truth about the past is revealed, will the town begin to accept her and, more importantly, will Wilde be able to accept herself?  

Allow yourself to be swept away into this fantastic story of being true to yourself and discovering the power of friendship, family and being unique.

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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