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Everybody Worries by John Burgerman

Everybody Worries by John Burgerman is an engaging picture book written to help children cope with worries about Coronavirus. With bright, colourful illustrations on every page, children of all ages will be drawn into its message.

It begins with reassurance that everyone worries sometimes – even the most brave, clever, confident people have something they worry about. It then moves on to this big worry that is affecting the entire world, Coronavirus. The explanation that we are all in this together again reinforces the fact that worrying is normal and ok. Very practical strategies for dealing with worries and encouragement to share these feelings will help children to make positive steps every day. Take time to share this lovely book with the little ones in your life and help them to talk about their feelings. It will help everyone to feel better.

Everybody Worries is a free e-book from Oxford Owl. Click here to access this special book.

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