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The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates by Jenny Pearson

The end of Year 6 is supposed to be exciting – the start of a new adventure – but for Freddie Yates, a sudden turn of events causes him to question everything he knows. For someone who loves facts, this is very unsettling. He decides to set off on his greatest adventure to find a father he’s never known with his best friends by his side. Through a series of mishaps, best intentions and almost unbelievable miracles, Freddie finds far more than he ever expected.

This story is funny from the start. My 10-year-old son and I were giggling to ourselves as we followed Freddie, Ben and Charlie from one haphazard antic to the next. As a long-time Year 6 teacher, I recognised the fallible logic, misunderstandings and blurting out random thoughts that is so typical of these big kids – so charming in their desire to be grown-up even though they still have so much to learn.  Freddie and his friends are no different. They are determined to journey all the way to Wales to find Freddie’s father with no real idea of the challenges they will face. The result is the ultimate pre-high school adventure with one hilarious mishap after another!

Amongst all the funny moments, a touching message about dealing with grief and supporting one another through tough times shines through. Freddie learns a lot about family, friendship and miracles. It is clear that the journey through life never takes us where we think it will but that is what makes it all the more special.

Jenny Pearson has truly captured the humour and sense of adventure of Year 6 children. With the help of the fantastic Rob Biddulph, this story leaps off the page for readers to devour. We journey with the boys, willing them on and watching with a smile as they discover the truth and learn a whole lot more about themselves along the way.

Thank you to Usborne Publishing and NetGalley for this fantastic book which was published in April 2020!

You can draw along with Rob Biddulph on his website:

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