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Middle Grade Book Quiz for World Book Night 2020!

Thursday 23rd April 2020 is World Book Night UK – a celebration of reading on Shakespeare’s birthday! You can find out more about World Book Night here:

Today’s questions have been taken from a selection of fairly recent and absolutely fantastic middle grade children’s books.

I really hope you enjoy the quiz! Good luck!

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Can you name the book and answer the question?

1. What is special about the books in Eerie-on-Sea?

2. Which amazing mammals do Arthur and Maudie meet on their way to South Polaris?

3. In which country are Chaya, Nour and Neel starting a revolution?

4. Which impressive structure does the Highland Falcon cross as they approach Settle?

5. Why doesn’t Lance share a room with anyone when they go on residential?

6. In their second adventure, the Widdershin sisters are looking for an island. Why is it so hard to find?

7. Who always told Yanka the most wonderful stories?

8. Why is Rayne in a lot of trouble at the beginning of her adventure with Tom and Frank?

9. Where does Ellie first find Seth in “The City”?

10. Why is Harriet Culpepper’s sky-ship able to travel to the furthest Eastern Isles?

Answers below:


  1. Malamander – At the Eerie book dispensary, people are given a prescription for the book they need (which might not be the book they want).
  2. Brightstorm – Thought Wolves
  3. The Girl Who Stole an Elephant – Sri Lanka
  4. The Highland Falcon Thief – The Ribblehead Viaduct
  5. Crater Lake – He needs oxygen when he sleeps.
  6. A Sprinkle of Sorcery – The island can’t be seen on a normal map.
  7. The Girl Who Speaks Bear – Anatoly
  8. The Last Spell Breather – She dropped her mothers spell book and it broke.
  9. Orphans of the Tide – Inside a whale
  10. Darkwhispers – It is has a water engine so can refuel easily and doesn’t need pitch.

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