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Gargantis by Thomas Taylor

Since reading Malamander by Thomas Taylor, I have been waiting to return to Eerie-on-Sea with great anticipation. It’s sequel, Gargantis, did not disappoint. In fact, it is even better than the original with more monsters, strange happenings and heart-stopping moments!

From the very first moment, readers are pulled into the magical, other-worldly town of Eerie-on-Sea. Pop culture references and engaging characters make readers feel strangely at home in this place of unusual inhabitants and deadly winter storms. The map inside the front cover outlines all of the familiar locations from Malamander including the Eerie Book Dispensary, Seegol’s Diner, Mrs Fossil’s Flotsamporium of treasures found on the beach and Dr Thalassi’s Museum of Eerie. As the story begins, we find ourselves in the most important place of all – the hotel that puts the strange in stranger – the Grand Nautilus Hotel where our hero, Lost and Founder Herbie Lemon, is working in his ‘glittering cavern of curiosities’.  This is just the beginning of a tale of curiosity, caverns and things that glitter. Herbie has no idea what awaits him!

Accompanied by his faithful friend, Violet Parma, Herbie Lemon goes headfirst into the monstrous storm, Gargantis, to solve the mystery of the hooded man, an unusual clockwork shell, St Dismal, a magical sprightning and a deadly whirlpool. This story is full of ancient folklore. Legends and traditional rhymes seem to come life and it takes every ounce of bravery Herbie and Violet have to find the truth. As long as they follow the rules of all the Lost and Founders who have come before, they might be alright!

By the end of the story, readers will find themselves desperate for the third instalment of these unique characters and this most unusual town. What are the secrets of Eerie-on-Sea? What makes it so eerie? Where does the magic come from? What is it that ties everything together? The answers are there somewhere and someone knows the truth but we’re going to have to wait for the next adventure to find out more! In the meantime, I’m hoping my cat will start to speak to me with the wisdom of my favourite Eerie character, Erwin the cat, and we find a magical book dispensary that prescribes the books we need. I can’t imagine anything better.

Thank you to Walker Books and Net Galley for this fantastic book which will be published in May 2020!

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