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Babble Bot by Bennett Dixon

Babble Bot is a fun, heart-warming picture book by American author Bennett Dixon about the joys and frustrations of parenthood.  It begins with a dad struggling to understand what his baby is trying to say. Could technology be the answer? A robot interpreter with a universal translator for ‘adult speak’, ‘baby babble’ and ‘dog’ steps in to decipher what the little one is trying to say. Hilarious answers surface and Dad wonders if he really wants to know everything the baby is saying to him! In the end, the most precious moment of all – “Daddy!” Dad realises that they don’t need a robot to interpret their love for each other. It’s crystal clear!

This book is incredibly appealing for young children. With bright, engaging illustrations by Josh Lewis and uncomplicated characters, children will want to read the story again and again. The baby is clearly in charge, telling Dad exactly what he wants. Dad is loving and kind. He wants to make his baby happy – even when he makes fun of his cycling clothing. (This made us smile in our house as we have a dad who likes to wear similar clothing!) The robot is a cool piece of technology that children (and parents) would love to have in their homes. I can just imagine my children trying to use a robot to communicate with our cats! Meanwhile, the family dog is brilliant, keeping it simple.

Babble Bot would make a wonderful gift for little ones under five. The happy relationship between Dad and baby is reassuring and full of love in a story describing a dilemma faced by every family.

Thank you to author Bennett Dixon for an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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