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Tyger by S.F. Said

Where do I even begin with this incredible book? An adventure woven with mythology, magic and the power of the human spirit, Tyger by SF Said is a story to be internalised and drawn upon again and again. This book is destined to last – it already has a classic feel with its thoughtful exploration of society and our place within it.

Adam Alhambra is a Muslim boy living in a dystopian London. It is a time when goodness has disappeared, the city is in ruins and anyone who is “different” is attacked at every turn. Adam tries to blend in but there is no escaping the darkness surrounding him.

Tyger is the most beautiful, gentle, infinitely powerful creature. All tigers are extinct yet here she is. She believes in Adam, knowing he has the power to change the fate of the world. With Tyger, he learns to harness new powers and be true to himself.

Tyger is so reminiscent of an Aslan character. She is strong, wise and challenges Adam and his friend, Zadie, to dig deep within themselves to defeat the evil seeking to destroy them. Through extended metaphor, nods to religion, the power of the past and, of course, links to Blake’s powerful poem, Tyger reveals what is truly important and how to discover what it means to be free.

Thank you so much to SF Said and David Fickling Books for this beautiful advance copy and gorgeous Tyger print. Dave McKean’s illustrations are stunning, adding to the action and peril of this gripping mid-winter adventure. I can’t wait to see the final version! I’m sure I will read Tyger again and again but for now, it is being passed on to my 12-year-old son who I know will quickly become lost in its pages, working with Adam to become the boy he is meant to be.

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