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Every Cloud by Ros Roberts ~ Review by Lucy, age 12 ~ Blog Tour

Every Cloud is fantastic book about a girl called Amy who is in Year 6 and is waiting to find out what high school she’s going to. She’s really hoping to go to Valley High with the rest of her friends but since she’s moved house, it’s looking like that might not happen. She recently moved to a house that was cheaper than her old house. He dad was in an accident so was unable to work which means her family doesn’t have much money. On top of that, her Pops’ dementia is getting worse and Gran needs help to take care of him. Nothing seems to be going right. Amy is sad and her life is full of clouds.

Amy’s summer isn’t what she expects. Then she meets Jay and things start to get better. She enjoys her time with Pops and Gran. She even enjoys looking after her little brother, Maxi. Maybe the sun will come out after all.

This book is great because Amy’s feelings are so similar to what other kids feel in real life. She’s worried about friends, high school and being left out. As I read the book, I really understood what she was going through. I love books that are about things kids experience in real life so Every Cloud is perfect for me.

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