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Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick ~ Blog Tour

Nightmare Warning – Don’t read this book right before you go to bed!!!

(I made this mistake and had some very strange dreams!)

Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick is seriously creepy! Something’s lurking underground, waiting to pounce on its next prey. Mysterious openings in the school field, a long hairy leg, and groundskeepers whistling an unnerving song… there is nothing usual about this Saturday detention!

When Angelo, Hallie, Gus and Naira arrive at Dread Wood High, they’re dreading a day with the over-enthusiastic Mr Canton. He turns out to be the least of their worries. A strange white substance on the ground and a horrifying scream are just the beginning of a day they’ll never forget, no matter how much they want to. Mr Canton disappears, taking their phones with him, leaving this unlikely team to battle the unknown in “some sort of messed-up escape room”.

As they get to know each other, they realise there is something that links them all – something that brought them here – something that caused someone else to seek revenge. There’s a reason they’re all in detention at the same time and an even bigger reason they’re unlikely to make it out alive!

Readers won’t be able to turn pages fast enough as they adventure through every hair-raising moment with Angelo and the others and realise exactly who or what is on the hunt beneath their feet. In the end, it’s their mistakes that bring them together. They realise that everyone has things they wish they’d never done or are embarrassed about and that even the most different people can be friends.

This is the perfect book for Year 6 at my own children’s former primary school (which is also the school where I used to teach). They keep chickens and have also kept pigs in the past. The children take care of the animals and would definitely fight to protect them if they found there was a deadly creature lying in wait. I can’t wait to recommend it to the current Year 6 class who I know are already huge Jennifer Killick fans after we read Crater Lake together last year!

Thank you to Farshore & Jennifer Killick for this deliciously scary book and TheWriteReads for the chance to take part in #TheUltimateBlogTour!

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