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One Camel Called Doug by Lu Fraser & Sarah Warburton ~ Guest Post

One Camel Called Doug is a counting book with a difference. Overflowing with personality and charm, there is so much to look at and enjoy on every page.

I had the immense pleasure of reading this wonderful picture book with my friend Jake who’s three. He’s already a big fan of The Littlest Yak so he and his mum were excited to discover another book by Lu Fraser.

Jake was completely captivated by Sarah Warburton’s illustrations and as soon as the story began, he was infectiously giggling and pointing out everything he loved on each page. He was worried when there might be a lion coming for Doug then smiled with relief when he discovered it was just another camel called Brian. Jake made number predictions with his mum as each new camel joined the gang and laughed at their silly antics, especially the camel party with their glittery humps. At the end of the story, when Doug was left all alone and the story became quieter, Jake snuggled up to his mum completely satisfied.

I’m thrilled to be able to share a special guest post by author, Lu Fraser:

Bed Time Bliss

Lu Fraser’s Favourite Bedtime Reads

When I cast my mind back to the early years of being a Mummy, some of my most treasured memories are of reading a bedtime story to my daughter – there’s a particular kind of magic in the last minutes before a child falls asleep. So, when I became a published writer, it was only a matter of time before I wrote a bedtime tale myself!

My latest book, ‘One Camel Called Doug’, is, I hope, a book to be cherished in those last wakeful moments – a balance between Doug’s bright and bold day and his gentle, squashy-toed meander to his hammock and his fluffy blanket (all aided by Sarah Warburton’s tremendous illustrations of starry skies and sweeping purple twilight). When I turn the page to read the final lines and see Doug, swaying into sleep, it takes me back to a time when my own daughter was tiny and, for a few brief moments, we shared a book in the golden stillness of the house…

Here’s a little look at five wonderful books that hold a special place in my heart for bedtime sharing.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? (Jane Yolen & Mark Teague / Harper Collins):

The first picture book I ever read to my daughter! We’d been home from the hospital 48 hours and I had absolutely no idea how to be a Mummy – the one thing I did know was that you were supposed to read a bedtime story. Luckily for me, this became one of her favourite picture books of all time (and she helped me figure out how to be a Mummy along the way!).

The Baby Who Wouldn’t Go To Bed (Helen Cooper / Corgi):

There’s a slight twitch of the lips on the face of every parent or carer who stumbles, bleary-eyed, across this title! Helen Cooper is the genius who turns a stressful concept into something absolutely magical with a wonderful lightness of touch and the kind of illustrations that you want to frame on your wall. My love for this book is immense!

Goodnight, Gorilla (Peggy Rathmann / Egmont):

I came to this book too late! It’s such a tender-hearted story about a zookeeper who tucks his charges into bed…or does he?! So gentle in the telling (and with the most nostalgic illustrations) if I could only have a handful of picture books for the rest of my life, this would be one of them.

William and the Night Train (Mij Kelly & Alison Jay / Hodder):

There is a lyricism in the soporific rhythm of this train ride that makes it one of my favourite bed time books to read aloud – it’s addictive! Cleverly wrought with a train that takes you to ‘tomorrow’ and with  illustrations that drift you along on Wide-Awake William’s journey…absolutely faultless.

What Will You Dream of Tonight? (Frances Stickley & Anuska Allepuz / Nosy Crow).

By the time I found myself buying this picture book my daughter had moved on to reading biology textbooks so the only person I was buying it for was…me! I didn’t care; I fell in love with this lyrical book with its wonderful lullaby, dream-like quality and still find myself reading it again and again in my writing hut, just because it’s so soothing (& the illustrations are perfectly matched, too). What will you dream of?!

One of my favourite picture books…ever.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster Children’s Books and Olivia Horrox for this gorgeous book!

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