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Like a Charm by Elle McNicoll

The magic of Edinburgh, a strange business card, a mysterious book and the ability to see things others can’t – Like a Charm explores the power of neurodiversity and how important it is for everyone to feel like they’ve found “someone like me”.

Twelve-year-old Ramya has not long moved to Scotland with her very busy parents. They love her but don’t understand her and are determined to try to fix her. Estranged from their extended family, Ramya knows there are secrets they aren’t telling her. With each passing day, Ramya discovers more about her family and how much she has to learn about her own abilities.

At her grandfather’s funeral, Ramya watches her aunts carefully. There must be a reason her mother has little to do with her sisters – a reason why they seem so different. When a strange man approaches Ramya to tell her about a very special book her grandfather has left for her, a life she never imagined opens up in front of her. As she searches for the truth among the hidden folk of Edinburgh, she realises what it’s like for them to be so misunderstood. Her empathy will empower them all.

Uniquely told as an #OwnVoices fantasy story, Like a Charm explores the reality of dyspraxia. Going beyond the motor skills and processing speed, Ramya shows readers her incredible strength and power.

Thank you to Knights Of & Annabelle Wright at EdPr for this fantastic book!

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