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The Violet Veil Mysteries: A Case of Misfortune by Sophie Cleverly

Since reading the first Violet Veil mystery back in early 2021, my daughter and I have been eagerly awaiting this sequel. It is just as fantastic as the first! With twists and turns, dark secrets and a brilliant cast of characters, it’s a super mystery to get caught up in.

Violet is the daughter of the local undertaker. In the first book, A Case of Grave Danger, Violet has to prove her father’s innocence when he’s accused of murder. She develops a taste for detective work and the excitement and opportunities it opens up for her – so much better than all the boring jobs expected of a Victorian daughter.  Now, with the help of her trusty greyhound, Bones, and her best friend, Oliver, Violet decides to set up her own detective agency and advertises for business.

Her first customer arrives with a fascinating mystery. Miss Li is concerned about Lady Athena, a fortune teller at the Grecian Theatre. Her prophecies keep coming true but seem anything but genuine. Is Lady Athena a charlatan fooling the audience and taking their money, is someone else working with her to fulfil the prophecies or are their actual spiritual forces at work?

Violet’s determined and slightly suspicious personality, as well as her unique ability to communicate with the dead, give her all the skills she needs to pull back the curtain and discover the truth about the goings on at the theatre. With the help of their new friends, Eleni and Niko, this new detective agency is sure to be a success – if only Violet’s parents will let her out after dark!

Violet is such a brilliant character. Feisty, clever and full of enthusiasm, she shows just how much girls are capable of whether society thinks they are or not. Not without her flaws, she often rushes headlong into adventure scarcely stopping to think about how her actions affect others. Oliver wants to be a good friend and support her but he has his own challenges. As Violet nears the solution, she realises what’s truly important to her.

We really hope Veil Investigations: Detective Services will have many more mysteries to solve!

Thank you to Jess Dean & Harper Collins Children’s for this wonderful book!

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