Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Weather Weaver by Tamsin Mori

Eleven year-old Stella is going to spend the summer with her grandpa on Shetland Island. She’s full of mixed feelings – memories of good times when Grandma was alive (puffins, selkies, hot chocolate and the lighthouse) but nervous about spending an entire summer away from her parents with the sea, boats and Grandpa who just isn’t the same anymore.

Armed with her favourite book, Shetland Myths and Magic, Stella would love to explore the island and look for adventure. Sadly, Grandpa won’t let her out, giving every excuse to keep her inside. Then, she meets Tamar, a strange lady who seems to be able to speak to clouds and control the weather.

Stella is intrigued by the idea of being a weather weaver and charmed by the funny little cloud who seems to have adopted her. She has so much to learn. Will she be prepared in time to face the sea witch who threatens the island?

The Weather Weaver is a story of strength, bravery and finding out who you really are. The strength of Stella’s relationship with her grandparents is key as she learns about belonging, trust and a wonderful future.

Thank you to UCLan Publishing for this beautifully woven book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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