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Darwin’s Dragons by Lindsay Galvin

It’s 1835 and cabin boy Syms Covington is travelling with Charles Darwin to the Galapagos Islands.  As they study so many incredible creatures, they have no idea what discoveries Syms will make when he goes overboard in a storm trying to save Mr. Darwin and ends up all alone on an unexplored island.

Readers are immediately transported back in time to these fascinating islands with Syms. His innocent yet resourceful character leaps off the page as he is met with challenge after challenge and a battle against the ultimate creature, a dragon. The rich language of the Victoria era and fantastic description of an explorer’s life at sea combine with brilliant scientific theories to place the reader right there with him. The adventure of a lifetime transforms into danger at every turn. It truly is survival of the fittest as Syms does all he can to get out alive.

Darwin’s Dragons is the book every Year 6 class needs. Perfectly matched to the Evolution and Inheritance Science topic as well as Victorians in History and Biography in English, this book has so much to contribute. Children will be gripped by the adventure and treasures Syms finds while gaining a real sense of what it was like to work with someone as legendary as Charles Darwin.  With heart-pounding action, manageable chapters and a Bear Grylls determination to survive, it is sure to become a favourite.

Thank you to Chicken House Books for this brilliant book!

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